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Hydroweld FS™

Hydroweld FS wet welding electrodes for use in underwater hyperbaric welding Hydroweld Wet Weld Samples
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Hydroweld FS™ Are the industry standard wet welding electrodes where high quality underwater welding is required.  These unique electrodes specifically designed to produce high quality welds underwater, in freshwater or brine/seawater, in all positions and on a range of carbon steels and depths of water.  Their outstanding user friendly properties and wet welding characteristics have made them the electrodes of choice by professional wet welders around the world.

Hydroweld FS™are the result of significant research and development into flux formulations, filler metals and supplementary coatings.  This research and subsequent development was specifically aimed at addressing the metallurgical, weldability and practical issues commonly associated with underwater welding so enabling a significant improvement in wet weld quality unattainable by other currently available wet welding electrodes.

Hydroweld FS™ have gained an unrivalled, proven, track record in the field particularly for structural wet welding in all sectors of the industry including the offshore oil and gas, naval/merchant shipping, civil/marine/inshore and nuclear industries.  As a result of their reliability and performance they are generally accepted as the industry standard for wet welding.

Hydroweld FS™can/have meet or exceed the weld quality requirements of the AWS D3.6 Code for underwater welding, ‘Class A' weld criterion in all positions on pipe and plate for both fillet and butt welds as has been witnessed by international recognised IACS (international Association of classification Societies) members such as Lloyds Register (LR), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV) / Germanisher Lloyd (GL), Bureau Veritas (BV) and Rina.

Hydroweld FS™ wet welds are regularly subjected to unparalleled, intensive testing and on research programmes by independent organisation such as welding institutes, universities, military/naval organisations, commercial diving contractors and other recognised organisations around the world.

Hydroweld FS™ are currently the only wet welding electrodes approved for permanent and/or temporary repairs to naval ships and submarines by the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) and listed in the NATO codification system (NCAGE) KA125, being approved for inclusion after intensive comparability testing against a range of other commercially available wet welding electrodes by the MoD and The Welding Institute (TWI) and subjected to extensive non-destructive and destructive testing.

Hydroweld FS™ electrodes are currently available in 3.2 mm x 350 mm in boxes of 90 electrodes or 4 mm x 350 mm in boxes of 60 electrodes and/or cartons of 5 boxes. We normally carry stock in excess of 200,000 electrodes, which can be dispatched on the day of the order via a method to suit the clients' requirements, i.e. next day, 2-3 day delivery etc.

Typical Properties
  • General Purpose wet welding electrodes.

  • Enhanced / modified rutile flux coating.

  • Each marked Hydroweld FS.

  • Simple to use in all positions on pipe and plate.

  • Easy to strike and re-strike.

  • Tough, durable proprietary coating.

  • Unrivalled immersion tolerance.

  • Smooth and easily maintained arc.

  • High metal transfer efficiency.

  • Finely rippled, well shaped beads.

  • Excellent root penetration and sidewall fusion properties.

  • Self releasing slag.

  • Rapidly produces high quality wet welds to international Standards.

Undiluted Weld Metal
Undiluted Weld Metal
Composition by % wt.
UTS (Rm) 520 N/mm2 C 0.1
Yield (Re) 460 N/mm2 Mn 0.5
Elongation Av. 17% Si 0.43
Hardness Av. 175Hv10 P 0.015
Charpy Impact Values Mo 0.01
0o C 55J S 0.008
-20o C 45J    
-30o C 32J    

Hydroweld FS™
users have access to unrivalled product support. This support not only included technical advise on electrode application, but assistance with or provision of wet welding procedures and welder qualifications to internationally recognised standards such as the AWS D3.6 Code for underwater welding.  In addition, Hydroweld provide unique underwater welder welder training programmes at our training facilities around the world of are able to provide suitably trained and qualified welder divers.  Further product support in the form of hire and sale of wet welding and associated equipment, joint or co-operative projects, project management is available.

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